MUSE Technology

The Ultimus 9E is equipped with VINNO’s revolutionary MUSE platform, with the unique Tri-modal imaging Acquisition (TIA). It’s flexibility and powerful processing allow the system to intelligently apply the most appropriate imaging acquisition mode from 3 modalities: Line acquisition, Zone acquisition and Multi-Plane acquisition, to reconstruct the best imaging presentation.



Performed by multiple titled plane waves at imaging frame rates up to 20,000 per second, is averagely 300 times faster than conventional. This speed allows for a full new range of applications and innovations in ultrasound imaging.


enhanced Parallel Processing Chain (ePPC)

Built upon the ePPC, MUSE technology leverages the processing power of 2 GPUs combining with FPGA & CPU as a software-based beamforming Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), to enable full parallelization of image formation. Each insonification can therefore result in a full image.

Ultimate Image Processing
Real-time Adaptive De-noising (RAD)

The innovative acquisition technique combines multiple plane wave transmit signals to excel the conventional transmit performance. This improves the signal-to-noise ratio by about 8 decibels and results in a significant noise reduced data without compromising the frame rate.

Planar Compound Imaging (PCI)

The received signals from the scan fields are time-shifted and compounded to pixel level of the entire field of view. This retrospective transmit field focus localization technique results in 20% more acoustic data acquired to form images with superior lateral border definition and contrast resolution than conventional compound imaging.

Dynamic Signal Enhancement (DSE)

The weak signals from the far field are enhanced multiple times when the signals are combined, providing increased lateral resolution and contrast at the greater depths of field.


More Speed, More Clarity

Tissue motion: Ultrafast tissue imaging relies on powerful computing power and system processing capability. VINNO’s original composite logic algorithm eliminates coherent motion artifacts to bring a more streamlined scanning experience.

Blood motion: Ultrafast blood flow imaging driven by plane wave technology and vector enhancement technology to improve the frame rate and sensitivity, detect slow blood flow signals more accurately.


An advanced, highly sensitive contrast bubble imaging which enhances real time vessels visualization significantly based on ultra-fast frame rate and outstanding 2D performance/penetration.

MCP (Micro Contrast Perfusion)

By dynamically accumulating blood flow perfusion, MCP has greater sensitivity of minor signals, providing exceptional details throughout arterial, portal and late phase scanning.

Powered by MUSE platform, VShear+ allows more sensitive tissue detection by capturing every shear wave motion details at ultrafast frame rates, which delivers great stability and accuracy during live scanning.
A real-time pulse wave calculation method, which can identify very tiny vessel wall movements with up to 20,000 frame rate, thus helping evaluate the elastic state of the blood vessels with high accuracy and repeatability.


Advanced performance for diagnostic confidence
Light Lab

A new 3D rendering technology that allows user to customize the position and direction of the virtual light sources, which displays the internal structure details more clearly and enhances the three-dimensional perception.

Multi Doppler
A technology that displays two Doppler waveforms from separate sample gates during the same cardiac cycle, the combination of TDI and PW allows simultaneous evaluation of wall motion and hemodynamics, which enables faster and more accurate measurement of LV diastolic dysfunction and carotid stenosis, etc. The optional modes include PW/PW, PW/TDI, TDI/TDI.
Tissue Boost
The unique adaptive signal processing technique, Tissue Boost automatically analyzes the echo signal in specific region of interest, to enhance the weak echo signals while suppressing the surrounding clutter noise, providing more imaging uniformity and improved visualization of tissues.
(Automatic Measurement of Arterial Stiffness)

Utilizing the Doppler spectrum of blood flow, automatically calculate and evaluate the degree of arterial stiffness, provide a screening and monitoring solution for the growing population of carotid atherosclerosis, effectively monitor early atherosclerosis, prevent sudden diseases such as stroke.


Ultimate Intelligent Solutions
VAid Breast

VAid Breast increases the accuracy and productivity of breast diagnosis in real-time or on stored images and cineloops. It enables fully automatic lesion detection, measurement and BI-RADS categorization, which significantly improves the efficiency.

VAid Liver

With just one-click, VAid Liver can automatically detect common focal and diffuse diseases of the lvier in real-time or on stored images and displays quantitative analysis of the lesion. VAid Liver significantly improves the efficiency and diagnostic accuracy in early screening and detection of liver diseases.

VAid Thyroid

VAid Thyroid provides a non-invasive approach for detection and assessment of thyroid nodules to avoid unnecessary interventions. It automatically detects and recognizes single or multiple lesions in real-time scanning and displays the size, border characteristics and TI-RADS classification of the lesion, which greatly improves the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

AI Ultimate Intelligent Solutions
VMind OB

VMind OB offers an absolute extensive obstetric screening approach, by harnessing the power of deep learning techniques. VMind OB automatically captures stores the standard planes with fetal biometric measurement in real-time, based on ISUOG practice guideline. VMind OB is so far the only intelligent obstetric screening tool offers up to 24 standard planes (mid-pregnancy) + 4 standard plans (early-pregnancy) detection.