Designed for High Expectations

VLucid Platform

Powered by VLucid platform, VINNO R700 with ultrasound scanning experience redefined, provides both clarity and ease of use with better ergonomics, easier scanning and shared service at premium level for clinicians from General Imaging, Womenhealth and Cardiovascular to drive your practive efficiency ahead.


Excellent penetration

Featuring high-performance hardware architecture, R700 delivers the extraordinary image quality with great clarity, superior consistency and excellent penetration.

Superior resolution

Up to 25 MHz high resolution system capability, adding more than 30% of wideband frequencies to improve resolution and sensitivity for better diagnosis.

Sophisticated blood flow sensitivity

The increased color Doppler processing helps provide more diagnostic confidence with improved blood flow detection and enhanced color performance.

Intuitive vessel display

VLuminous Flow, an innovative color flow technology which enhances blood flow visualization and provide an impression of 3D-like flow display.


Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

Ultrasound 3D imaging combined with microbubble contrast technology (CBI), providing structure visualization of fallopian tubes in three-dimensional imaging.

Free View

Free view obtains any plane from a 3D or 4D volume by simply drawing a line or curve through a structure. This technology enables views of even irregular shaped structures not attainable in 2D imaging.

VAim Ant. Pelvic and VAim Levator Ani

An automatic measurement tool for pelvic, VAim Levator Ani and Ant. Pelvic providing pelvic measurement results with one-touch, which enables users to assess pelvic structure for postpartum women in an easy and accurate way.

VAim Follicle

An advanced tool for follicle calculation, which can automatically identify follicles on a given 2D image, draw its boundary with different colors and measures its volume for a rapid assessment, dedicated for women’s reproductive healthcare.

Intelligent Solutions

An automatic measurement tool for fetal biometric and growth analysis. User can activate the measurement items (BPD, OFD, HC, AC, FL, HL) and get the results with one simple touch, which is dedicated to simplify the obsteric ultrasound examinations and improve measurement accuracy.

Light Lab

A new 3D rendering technology that allows user to customize the position and direction of the virtual light sources, which displays the internal structure details more clearly and enhances the three-dimensional perception.

Color 3D

Color 3D applies advanced acquisition and rendering technology to provide improved visualization and structure expression, helps users better understand natural hemodynamics of vascular networks, like umbilical cord and fetal heart.

VAid Thyroid

VAid Thyroid provides a non-invasive approach for detection and assessment of thyroid nodules to avoid unnecessary interventions. It automatically detects and recognizes single or multiple lesions in real-time scanning and displays the size, border characteristics and TI-RADS classification of the lesion, which greatly improves the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

VAid Liver

With just one-click, VAid Liver can automatically detect common focal and diffuse diseases of the lvier in real-time or on stored images and displays quantitative analysis of the lesion. VAid Liver significantly improves the efficiency and diagnostic accuracy in early screening and detection of liver diseases.

Seamless Workflow