Go Beyond the Ultrasound Imaging

VLucid Platform

Advanced Beam Correction Technology

The V10 portable ultrasound system has been thoughtfully designed to overcome the challenges from everyday healthcare environment.

With enhanced image quality based on VLucid 2.0 platform, well designed workflow and smart automation tools, V10 provides the best-in-class image quality and supports clinicians from Critical Care, Emergency and Anesthesia to General Imaging.

Advanced Imaging Technologies

Zone Imaging

Zone imaging technology acquires better image resolution and energy distribution in entire zone area through apodizing transmission in multiple frequency and instantaneous phase superposition.

Partial Focusing (Traditional)

The energy distributes in dead focus area and attenuates in far field.

Focusing In Entire Zone (Zone Imaging)

Smart beam-shape control and uniform energy distribution in entire zone area.


Better orientation delivers better penetration to difficult person.

Traditional Probe

Pure Wave Probe


VFlow+ is an advanced adaptive filter technology of color flow from VINNO to enhance the detective sensitivity of tiny blood flow.


Remote Ultrasound Imaging Solutions

Flyinsono is the pioneer of Remote Ultrasound Imaging Solution. Endorsed by Cloud technology, Flyinsono can realize Remote Consultation, Intelligent Diagnosis, Remote Quality Control, Online Training, Remote Service, Academic Seminars, etc. Flyinsono breaks down geographical, traffic and personnel barriers, and provides real-time or time-sharing services to remote medical facilities.

Remote Diagnosis

  • Real-time diagnosis
  • Reviewed diagnosis
  • Case sharing

Benefits for you:

  • Increase diagnostic confidence
  • Increase access to specialist care
  • Increase doctor and patient satisfaction

Remote Service

  • System Upgrade with Patch
  • Acquire log
  • Image optimization
  • DICOM setting
  • Printer setting

Benefits for you:

  • Real-time service for customer loyalty
  • Save travel costs and time
  • Increase service effiency

Remote Training

  • Webminar and online training
  • Extensive case-study free of charge

Benefits for you:

  • Skill enhancement at your availability
  • Reduce travel expenses and costs

Clinical Solutions

VAid Thyroid

VAid Thyroid provides a non-invasive approach for detection and assessment of thyroid nodules to avoid unnecessary interventions. It automatically detects and recognizes single or multiple lesions in real-time scanning and displays the size, border characteristics and TI-RADS classification of the lesion, which greatly improves the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

VAid Liver

With just one-click, VAid Liver can automatically detect common focal and diffuse diseases of the lvier in real-time or on stored images and displays quantitative analysis of the lesion. VAid Liver significantly improves the efficiency and diagnostic accuracy in early screening and detection of liver diseases.

VShear (Shear Wave Elastography)
SWEI is a non-invasive assessment of stiff tissues in various applications. The color-coded elastogram, quantitative measurements, and user-selectable ROI functions are especially useful for accurate diagnosis of breast, liver, MSK, thyroid and prostate diseases.

Auto Needle Enhancement

Allows the needle increased visibility even during steep-angled procedures, while maintaining superior image quality. Improved confirmation of needle location in tissue minimizes harm to surrounding tissue.

Innovative Design