skyla VB1

Veterinary Clinical Chemistry  Analyzer

Veterinary Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
is the Best Pet’s Health Guardian

The skyla VB1 Veterinary Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a compact system designed to perform blood biochemistry tests – fast, reliable and with high accuracy. Applying only a few blood can suffice to perform up to 15 tests on the veterinary patient sample.

It’s easy-to-use and simple operation requires no specialized training and enables you to obtain results in about 15 minutes with the precision and accuracy equivalent to those of a clinical laboratory analyzer.

Smart Experience

Simple 3-steps Procedures

The device provides fully automatic procedures to test samples with only three steps.

Step 1: Inject 200 μl blood sample
Step 2: Press “START” and then insert reagent disc
Step 3: Read the results

Fully Automated Operations

All steps are designed automatically from checking the validity of reagent discs and cartridges to printing the results.

Step 1: Barcode Reading
Step 2: Centrifuge and Dilute
Step 3: Panel / Cartridge Internal Quality Control

Step 4: Reaction and Multiple Detections
Step 5: Analysis
Step 6: Display and Print Results

Multi-functional integration

Built-in Centrifuge
Whole blood sample can be measured without pre-treatment.
All-in-one Device
The device combines biochemistry, electrolyte and electrolyte test functions, which helps users save time, space and money.
Easy to Carry/ Only 5.5kg
The device is designed in portable and space saving ways with only 5.5kg.
Micro Sample Size/ Only 200µL
The whole blood, serum or plasma is accepted. A full profiles test only needs 200 µL of blood sample. No sample preparation is required when testing whole blood.
15 min Test Time
Results in 15 minutes on panels with maximum 15 parameters.
Multi-parameter Testing
The device allows 15 test parameters which enables fast and accurate analysis.
Reliable and Fast Test Results
With Internal Quality Control (iQC), Sample Interference Alerts and Self-calibration functions monitor and ensure the results with high accuracy. Test results in 15 minutes on panels with maximum 15 markers.

skyla Data Manager

PC Software for Test Results Management

skyla provides self-developed software for users to conveniently manage patients’ test results in PC.

skyla® VB1 Veterinary Clinical
Chemistry Analyzer Reagent Products



Pipette + Tips

Barcode Scanner

Thermal Printer Paper

Mini Lithium Heparin Tube

Diluent Tube

50ul Pipette

Test Profiles

VB1 Available Items
Renal Function BUN, CREA, UA, UREA#, B/C# (BUN/CREA), UPC# (UPRO/UCRE)
Liver Function ALB, ALT, AST, TBIL, GGT
Pancreatitis Marker AMY, LIPA
Carbohydrate, Lipid Metabolism & others GLU, FRU, TRIG, CHOL, TP, ALP, CPK, LAC
Endocrine T4
Electrolyte Na, K, Cl, Ca, PHOS, Mg, tCO2, pH*, C-Ca#, AGap#

(#Calculated)  (*Under Development)

Chemistry Reagent Panel
Available Panle & Items
Thyroid/T4 Panel  (2) T4, CHOL
Diabetes Panel (4+2) FRU, GLU, TP, ALB, GLOB#, A/G#
Renal Panel (9+5) ALB, BUN, CREA, PHOS, Ca, Na, K, Cl,  tCO2, pH*, B/C#, Na/K#, C-Ca#, UREA#,  AGap#
Liver Panel (8+3) ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, TBIL, TP, BUN, GGT, GLOB#, A/G#, UREA#
Liver Plus Panel (10+3) ALP, ALT, AST, BUN, TP, ALB, GGT, TBIL, BA, CHOL, GLOB#, A/G#,UREA#
Electrolytes Panel (4+2) Na, K, Cl, tCO2, pH*, Na/K#, AGap#
Preanesthetic Panel (7+4) ALB, ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, GLOB#, A/G#, B/C#, UREA#
Diagnosis Panel (13+5) ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, BUN, CHOL, CREA, GLU, TBIL, TP, Ca, PHOS, GLOB#, A/G#, B/C#, C-Ca#, UREA#
Diagnosis Plus Panel (13+6) ALP,  ALT, ALB, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, AMY, TBIL, Ca, PHOS, Na, K, GLOB#, A/G#, B/C#, Na/K#, UREA#, C-Ca#
Diagnosis -II Panel (14+5) ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, BUN, CHOL, CREA, GLU, TBIL, TP, Ca, PHOS, LIPA, GGT, GLOB#, A/G#, B/C#, C-Ca#, UREA#
Critical Care Panel (14+7) ALB, ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, Ca, Na, K, Cl, tCO2, , pH*, LAC, CPK, GLOB#, A/G#, B/C#, Na/K#, AGap#, C-Ca#, UREA#
Equine Panel (14+6) ALP, AST, CREA, BUN, TP, GLU, ALB, TBIL, CPK, GGT, Ca, Na, K, tCO2, GLOB#, A/G#, B/C#, Na/K#, C-Ca#, UREA#
Large Animal Panel (14+5) ALP, AST, BUN, TP, ALB, Ca, PHOS, CPK, GGT, Na, K, Cl, Mg, GLU, GLOB#, A/G#, Na/K#, C-Ca#, UREA#
Avian & Reptile Panel (12+4) AST, TP, ALB, GLU, Ca, PHOS, Na, K, Cl, CPK, BA, UA, GLOB#, A/G#, Na/K#, C-Ca#
Single Assay Test BUN, CREA, Cl, TBIL, LAC, NH3, Mg*

(#Calculated)  (*Under Development)


Colormetric System LEDs 340nm~940nm wavelength
Sample & Panel
Test Profiles Panels
Measurement Time Panel: up to 15 tests / 15 min
Sample Type & Volume 200 µl whole blood (PCV<60%), plasma, serum
User Interface 5 inch color LCD touch screen
Internal Memory Store up to 50,000 analysis results
Printer Built in thermal printer or external USB printer (PCL 3GUI)
USB Socket  USB type A (Host) for external USB Printer, USB flash drive (FAT) or external barcode scanner
Data transmission to PC RS232 serial port or RJ45 (LAN)
Dimensions 233 (W) X 285 (D) X 300 (H) mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Operating Condition
Temperature / Humidity 10 to 32˚C / 5 to 90 %