Smart, Ease, Caring


VINNO D2/D3 VET has created a smart and compact solution with its creative concept and highly integrated processing,
which provides outstanding images and professional analysis for multiple veterinary applications.

Innovative Platform

Built with the world’s first RF platform, it brings together conventional beam integration and front-end data processing, the streamlined workflow makes all operations convenient and is suitable for various veterinary scenarios.

Integrated processing core
Innovative structure and design

Comprehensive Applications

Probe Information

Phased Array
Application – Cardiac

Phased Array
Applications – Cardiac, Abdomen

Broadband Micro Convex Array
Applications – Abdomen, Cardiac

Convex Array
Applications – Cardiac, OB / GYN, Urology

Broadband Linear Array
Applications – Abdomen, Tendon, Small Parts, Eye

Broadband Linear Array
Applications – Repro

Superior Imaging Performance

Reduces speckles and artifacts in homogeneous tissue and enhances edge sharper.

VFusion effectively increases the signal-to-noise ratio of tissues, improves the overall imaging performance.

Image Gallery

FLYINSONO Remote Solution

VINNO enables remote consultations, remote teaching, and remote maintenance on a cloud platform,
provides users with an eficient way to obtain more services.

Real-Time Consultation

Time-Sharing Consultation

Remote Training

Remote Maintenance