Simplify your work with a touch


The VINNO X1 delivers exceptional image quality, advanced imaging technology, versatile clinical
application tools, and an efficient workflow—all at a competitive price.

Revolutionary RF platform

VINNO’s innovative RF platform acquires 40 times the amount of raw signal for back-end processing, which allows for
higher resolution images and more powerful post-processing.

Detect IMT to within 0.1 mm

Highly sensitive blood flow within 1cm/s

User Defined Protocols

Self-defined Measurement including sequence and folder

Body patterns can be imported or exported in both JPG and PNG formats

Smart Measurements

Auto OB measurement
Single click of a button, the system automatically calculates GA and EFW*.
Auto Follicle
Automatically calculates the area and circumference
with just one push of a button.

Auto IMT

Fast, easy, and accurate automatic measurement of intima-media thickness

Auto Trace in PW/CW Mode

Real time and post store auto trace

Real time sensitivity adjustment for accurate spectrum trace

Real time measurement result


PView allows extended view of the relationship of anatomical structures

Value-Added 4D Performance

Flexible Display Format


MCut Function

Compact transducer connector for easy access
High quality processors for enhanced powerful performance
15-inch high-resolution LCD monitor with arm that rotates a tool 180 degrees for enhanced ergonomics and comfort
8-inch touch screen panel allows for fewer physical keys and reduces strain from repetitive button pushing

Total Connectivity

Tutorials for convenient self-study

Practitioners can learn the basics of scanning, knowledge, standard planes, and anatomy using Vinno built-in tutorials.

Image Gallery