Smart and Omnipotent

VINNO Q Series

A compact size with high-throughput hardware facilitates the obtaining of high-fidelity data; substantial image processing algorithm processes the data collected in real-time without loss, thus delivering high-quality imaging that satisfies user needs in the clinical diagnostics.


Various clinical departments

Shortcut buttons make it easy to use. Its innovative design is revolutionizing traditional device. Compact, portable, and competitively priced device suitable for use by various clinical departments.

  • Ward round prognosis monitoring
  • Outpatient diagnostic reasoning
  • Applications in operating room; waterproof design for easy sterilization
  • A professional instrument for the orthopedics, rheumatology, and urology departments

Fully Portable for Emergencies

Fully portable for emergencies

The VINNO Q series can be used offsite during emergencies, providing patients proper treatment as soon as possible. High-level hardware produces clear images for tissue structures for medical workers to better diagnose and take reasonable measurement. This can buy time for both patients and physicians.


Multi-scene applications

A portable, easy-to-use and real-time imaging device for diagnosis and treatment is needed in the sporting arena, camps, rescue sites, and other complex environments. The VINNO Q series, which comes in compact form with high-level waterproof and dustproof ability, are suitable for complex outdoor scenarios.

Fully portable for emergencies

Professional tools for medical training
Teaching and practice in the medical context
Closer integration of theory and practice

Easy-to-Use At Home; Accurate and Targeted Puncture

Simple and clear instructions for use at home. With professional tutorial software, VINNO Q series can be easily used in thousands of homes, enabling health monitoring at any time.

Accurate and targeted puncture

VINNO Q series can be used with dedicated multi-angle puncture guides.
A wide range of needles available
Needle enhancement technology for easy puncture

Adaptive Image Denoising

With the powerful capabilities of the high-fidelity data integration and processing platform, VINNO Q series offers rich materials
for powerful back-end imaging processing