Exceptional Intelligence

VLucid Platform

Empowered by the insightful VLucid platform, the G86 integrates the new adaptive beam correction technology with high-performance hardware architecture, helping you to make more confident diagnoses with outstanding 2D images and enhanced color performance. Fully customized tools and VLucid’modular energy supply promises you a truly elite and ease unit which decreases the system noise dramatically.

Superior General Imaging

Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence

High-quality image resolution and increased uniformity in technically difficult patient with fatty liver.

VLuminous Flow

An innovative color flow technology which enhance blood flow visualization and provide an impression of 3D-like flow.

Auto RUV Measurement

Greatly simplify the evaluating process and relieve doctors from stressful and time consuming examination.

Finger-Draw Comment, making remote diagnosis and online training more easier (sub)

Superior Superficial Expression

VAid (Vinno Artificial Intelligent Diagnosis)

VAid is an AI powered, innovative tool for breast lesion detection in real-time or onstored images (static & cine),it can automatically analyze lesion characteristics and assign the BI_RADS category with one touch of ‘VAid’.

Shear Wave Elastography Imaging(VShear)

A non-invasive method to detect the velocity of the shear-waves propagated through the targeted area and provide quantitative tissue characteristic information.

2Gen Xcen Wideband Probe Technology

Up to 23MHz ultra-high frequency probe, making it possible to research the superficial disease with its high resolution and sensitivity.

Superior Women Healthcare

VAim Follicle

One simple click, automatically identifies follicles on a given 2D image, draw its boundary with different colors and measures its volume for a rapid assessment.

HSG (Hysterosalpingography)

Ultrasound 3D imaging combined with microbubble contrast technology, delivering the structure of fallopian tube in three-dimensional.

Early Pregnancy Evaluation

The super-high resolution imaging enables users to evaluate the fetal condition with intuitive visualization of the fetal structures.

Dedicated obstetrics care

New volume rendering features provide outstanding provide outstanding 3D/4D imaging. Artificial intelligence technology for fetal biometric measurement and growth analysis help improve measurement accuracy while reducing exam time. Z-score analysis provides the accurate growth of fetal heart based on the relevant parameters of fetal trunk

Postpartum Pelvic Floor and Newborn Imaging

An artificial intelligent technology for pelvic measurement, VAim Levator Ani and Ant.Pelvic, providing pelvic measurement results with one touch, which enable users to assess pelvic structure for postpartum women in an easier and accurate way.
VAim Levator Ani in 3D mode
VAim Ant. PelvicA

VAim Hip

Automatically mark the α and β angle and provide Graf international classification, which is an effective solution for observing the development of neonatal hip joints.

Pediatric Gastrointestinal Examination

The highly advanced transducer allows for excellent detailed resolution and brings reliable diagnosis.

Superior Cardiovascular Applications

Advanced Cardiac Functions

Strain imaging describes the strain curve to underline any myocardial regions either in the same or various images, which can better reflect the strength of local myocardial deformation during systole and diastole, thus reflecting the motion abnormality during the cardiac cycle; Stress Echo cardiography is a non-invasive, dynamic evaluation of myocardial structure and its function under an external stress (exercise or pharmacology).
Curved M-Mode
Draw the route of the sample line freely and obtain the movement information of corresponding myocardial segments.

Intelligent Vascular Applications

AMAS (Automatic Measurement of Arterial Stiffness)
AMAS, an automatic tool for cf Pulse Wave Velocity calculation, which is an effective indicator for evaluating arterial stiffness.

Carotid artery measurement

Femoral artery measurement

Live IMT

Live IMT makes it possible to automatically opens a ROI (region of interest) and calculates the IMT parameters real time scanning.

Auto Trace

Automatically trace the Pulse Wave spectrum with great accuracy and provide hemodynamic indicators such as pressure, heart rate, resistance index, which is convenient for rapid vascular assessment.

Streamlined Workflow


As a customer-centric tool, VReport allows users to define and import the report template, and then the system will auto generate related measurement items based on the imported template, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.


VWork enables users to configure workflows for every application scenario, this leads to easy and effective adherence to a department protocol and saves operation time to a great extent.

Customized User Interface

The touch screen customization can be done through dragging the icons to preferred layout adjustments, making the operation smoother and more convenient.

Background Transfer

Archive supports background export without interrupting the actual scan.