Simplicity Outside. Intelligence Inside.

VINNO A6 is a brand new color doppler ultrasound system.
Adhering to VINNO’s simplified design style and extremely smooth workflow, it will bring you a distinct diagnostic experience.

Simplified Innovation

Simplified Platform

Minimize a powerful platform into a compact size to meet your daily work. Innovative cooling solution delivers comfortable and silent working environment.



Simplified UI

Fast Setting Area-Complete common setting under scanning status.

Outdoor and Indoor Solution-Adjust monitor brightness according to the working environment.

Quick Navigation Bar-Browse long page fast by moving the trackball after click the interested area.

Back ICON-Return to the top of the long page with only one click.

Simple UI-Select preset directly without reiterative page turning.

Magic Drag and Drop-Adjust the sequence of measurement item easily by Magic Drag and Drop operation.

Intelligent Workflow

Auto Image Optimization



Auto Calculation

Auto OB
Just one click, the system will recognize the target automatically and the gesta-tional age will be displayed there.

Auto IMT
Just one click, the system will display max, average values of intima thickness and valid points at the same time.

Excellent Image Quality


Compounding technology together with RF-platform, VFusion helps to improve the image information, enhances contrast resolution and reduces the noise by scanning from different angles and combining those images.


Reduce speckles in homogeneous tissue and enhance edge sharper than conventional image processing.


Match different acoustic velocity with different tissue automatically.
It ensures the acquired image with more uniformity and accuracy.

Beyond Your Expectation

  15.6 inch LED display
Monitor can be tilted up to 40 degrees
Detachable probe holder
Support up to 3 probe ports
Battery lasting for about 1.5 hours
Support CWD, ECG, 4D function
Support transducer: A2-5C, A4-12L, A1-4P, A4-9E, A3-6D

Enhance Your Skill

“Education is the passport to the future”.
Log on VINNO’s Flyinsono APP and VCloud platform to study continously and share your experiences.

Real-Time Consultation

Time-Sharing Consultation

Remote Training

Remote Maintenance