Veterinary Anesthesia Machine – TA60V

Product Description

TA60V is a high-end anesthesia machine used in animal hospitals. The design of the product adheres to the concept of anesthesiologists-oriented, completely abandoning the design idea of traditional animal anesthesia machines that only considers product costs.

Through the innovation of product structure and circuit module design, all the gauges and main operating elements of TA60V are arranged on the front of the product to facilitate the operation and observation, and also realize a variety of installations and applications such as wall-mounted, desktop and stand for one model.

Product Specifications

Specifications of Gas Circuit System

Source Gas


Air Source Pressure Range 280-600 kpa / 40-87 psi
Air Source Safety Valve Built-in
Air Source Pressure Gauge 0-1 Mpa / 0 -140 psi
Flowmeter Adjustment Range 0-4L/min (single tube oxygen flowmeter)
Vaporizer Base Single tank position, Selectatec

Product Highlight

Multi-applications, Multi-installations

  • Rebreathing anaesthesia and non-rebreathing aneasthesia; stand, desktop, wall-mounted installations.

Selectatec ® Vaporizer

  • Selectatec ® standard vaporizer, easy replacement; sevoflurane, enflurane, isoflurance optional.

Independent non-rebreathing Circuit

  • All-metal ACGO switch and independent ACGO port to ensure one-step switching between rebreathing aneasthesia and non-rebreathing anaesthesia.

Oxygen Pressure Security

  • Oxygen pressure gauge, oxygen pressure status is clear; built-in safety valve ensures product safety.

Airway Pressure Management

  • Pre-calibrated APL valve, set airway pressure level in one step; APL valve button closes the airway by one-step; vertical pressure airway gauge, airway pressure status is under control.

Large Capacity C02, Absorber Canister

  • Lever mechanism, locking and unlocking by only one-step; 1400 ml super large capacity Co2 absorber canister.

Technical Specifications


Dimensions Anesthesia Machine without stand:

Height 385mm, Width 405mm, Length 265mm

Anesthesia Machine with stand:

Height 1230mm, Width 510mm, Length 470mm

Weight < 10 kg (not include stand, vaporizer and other accessories)

< 14 kg (include vaporizer, not include stand and other accessories)

< 22 kg (include stand, vaporizer and other accessories)

Maximum Load on Top 10 kg
Handle Single handle, located in the middle of the top


Respiratory System Specifications

Airway Pressure Gauge – 20cmH2O ~ 100cmH2O
APL Valve Adjustment range: 0 – 70 cmh2o, with one key closing button
CO2 Absorber Canister Volume 1400ml

Operation Principle

Vaporizer Types

(Dosing method)

Isoflurane (Pour-Fill, Key-Fill, Easy-Fill)

Enflurane (Pour-Fill, Key-Fill, Easy-Fill)

Sevoflurane (Pour-Fill, Key-Fill, Easy-Fill, Quick-Fill)

Weight Empty State: 4kg ± 0.3kg

Full Drug State: 5kg ± 0.3kg

Volume Core drying: 300 ml ~ 360 ml

Core vetting: 240 ml ~ 300 ml

Between the maximum and minimum tick marks: 200 ml ~ 260 ml

Concentration Range Isoflurane: 0-5vol, %

Enflurane: 0-5vol, %

Sevoflurane: 0-8vol, %

Concentration Accuracy ±0.25vol, % or set value ± 20%, whichever is greater