The PHAN® range comprises diagnostic strips suitable for semiquantative analysis of. They allow for determination of as PHAN many as eleven clinically significant analytes (glucose, pH, bilirubin, urobilinogen, proteins, nitrites, SG, WBC, ketones, blood and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – on the basis of objective and visual procedures. The PHAN® diagnostic strips allow for an efficient screening in connection with standard examinations of patients and monitoring of their subsequent treatment. The principal areas in which the PHAN® strips help to discover initial symptoms are diseases affecting kidneys and the urogenital system, liver diseases as well as metabolic and haemolytic disorders. The principal benefits of the products are simplicity of the process of testing, speed of the testing procedure (results obtained within 1-2 minutes) as well as a high level of diagnostic specificity and sensitivity. The strips are to be used mainly in clinical chemistry laboratories and surgeries of specialized physicians and general practitioners.

Phan Strips