Urine analyzer LAURA


LAURA®  is an effective solution for objective standard and high-grade measurement of urine samples. The reader is a semi-quantitative semi-automat, which contains advantages as the  easy control using a touch screen,, the high speed and capacity of work for the routine operation in laboratories of the clinical chemistry.

Two types of diagnostic strips, which differ in the number of parameters, are intended for use with the device:


Parameters which can be determined by using diagnostic strips are: pH, protein (ALB), glucose (GLU), ketones (KET), urobilinogen (UBG), bilirubin (BIL), blood (BLD), as well as specific gravity (SG), nitrites (NIT) and leucocytes (LEU).  LAURA® identifies the type of the strip used/inserted automatically. The compensation field (CF) allows eliminate the different colours of the urine samples.

Samples to be analysed can be entered in an easy way either by entering the ID of the patient or using a simple sequence of inserted samples. It is possible to print the results directly on a built-in thermo printer, the advantage of which is the print speed (12 results per minute) and quietness of operation. The manipulation with the printer as for inserting the thermo paper is easy.

LAURA® automatically check itself after each switch-on. The calibration of  LAURA® is checking by the control mode from SW menu. The special control strips are using for the checkings of the calibration and the right function of the optical parts. The control grey strips are a part of a delivery or it is possible to buy them separately also.

LAURA® has a wide-ranging software menu, which allows to the user to make for example the own settings for inserting of the samples, a choice of units and the order of measurement parameters without reference at the order on the strip. The SW allows to add the short commentary to the each measurement, to choose the language fot the communication with the reader (there are 8 languages) and lot of another user-defined settings.

The LAURA®  has a standard interface (RS 232) for  a connection to the Laboratory Information System (LIS). The interface is suitable for connection with a PC also. The LAURA® has the standard connecion (PS/2) for connection with an external keyboard or a bar code reader.

The software of LAURA® contains the special mode for  keeping of the cleaness and the general hygiene during the everyday working. This mode allows very easy access to the all parts, which are in contact with urine. This mode eases the maintenance and the cleaning of the reader. It is offered single-use plastic part, which can help with more comfortable keeping of the hygiene during everyday working, that are intended for the waste container. The LAURA®  automatically recognises if the waste container is to full and give the message about it on the display.

Technical Data

Description of the device:

  • Semi-automated semi-quantitative reflex photometer
  • Measuring using a CCD camera/LED
  • Wave lengths: 535, 610 nm
  • Latency: 60 s
  • Capacity: 400 strips per hour
  • Touch screen (LCD display): 5“ (320×240) colour TFT
  • User-defined setting option
  • Built-in thermo printer, print speed 12 results per minute
  • External communication via RS 232 interface
  • Optional connection to a PC, an external keyboard or a barcode scanner
  • Memory capacity: last 1000 measurements

PHAN® strips intended for analysis:

  • HeptaPHAN® LAURA

Working Conditions

  • External power source
  • Paramaters of the external power source 90-230V / 50-60Hz
  • Supply in working regime 45W, in standby mode 6W
  • Temperature: optimum range 20-25 °C, relative humidity 20-90%
  • Weight: 5 kg incl. the adapter
  • Dimensions 430 x 290 x 170 mm

Auxiliary Material

  • Hygienic waste single-use container