iMac 1200

High-end 12-Ch ECG Machine

Cardiac Function and ECG Training Preferred Model

Excellent Clinical Performance

Digital Sampling Rate: 32000Hz
A/D Converter: 24 bits
1s baseline stability
Frequency response: 0.01 – 350Hz
Support double-pole pacemaker detection
Original iFilter™ adaptive filtering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality
Support ECG advanced analysis functions: VCG, TVCG, QTD, VLP, ECG Frequency Spectrum, etc.
Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm

Waveform Comparison

Innovative Ergonomic Design

15″ high resolution LED screen; standard fundamental grid design
Standard QWERTY keyboard; trackball operation
Three-pronged ECG leads, effectively reduce winding
Standard configured the Multi-axis TP® innovative thermal printer can accurately trace each ECG waveform

Powerful Network Features

Support Peripherals: USB, SD card, Scanner, Laser Printer, Card Reader, Projector, External keyboard and mouse
Storage Formats: HL7, XML, SCP, PDF, PNG, DICOM, ZQECG