iMac 12

Pad ECG Machine

We put the design philosophy of the user friendly experience integrated into every design detail of iMAC 12

Excellent Clinical Performance

Digital Sampling Rate: 32000Hz
A/D Converter: 24 bits
1s baseline stability
Frequency response: 0.01 – 350Hz
Support double-pole pacemaker detection
Support sending ECG report by Email
Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm
Original iFilter adaptive filtering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality

Record Weak Signal Accurately

Waveform Comparison

Innovative Ergonomic Design

10.4″ super sensitive and capacitive touch screen design
45mm thickness, 1.1 kg weight
Standard configured the Multi-axis TP® innovative thermal printer can accurately trace each ECG waveform

Powerful Network Features

Support Peripherals: USB, SD card, Scanner, Laser Printer, Card Reader
Storage Formats: HL7, XML, SCP, PDF, PNG, DICOM, ZQECG