Automated coagulometer for your laboratory

What is CoagM?

CoagM is a compact, continuous random-access hemostasis analyzer for small and middle size laboratories performing routine and special assays. The innovative system ensures efficient, reliable results with built-in QC features, while user friendly graphical interface and connectivity to Laboratory Information Systems support your work.

Advanced Features

  Optical coagulation, chromogeic and immune-turbidimetric tests.

  Throughput: Up to 90 PT tests / hour*. (* with Dia-PT recombinant test)

  Liquid crystal colour touch screen.

  Auto-calibration, master curve calibration.

  Integrated barcode reader for samples and reagents.

  Automatic reflex / rerun feature.

  Large data storage capacity.

  Multilot use of reagents.

  Reduced reagent consuption.

  24 / 7 real-time remote access.