Bilirubin Analyzer

Advanced and Optimized Instrument for measuring Neonates, Bilirubin

Main Features

EasyBill-P provides quick, easy and accurate results of total bilirubin in whole blood of pediatric samples with volume of 50-80µl.

Eliminates interference from turbidity and hemolysis with its unique dual wavelength measurement system.

In-built self diagnostics check.

Life long LED lighting source that does not require replacement.

New design with auto locking capillary holder that prevents damage & breakage of capillary tubes.

Quick reading photometer display results in 2 seconds.

Technical Specifications

Light Source LED’s
Wave Length 460nm x 550nm
Measuring Range 0-40mg/dL
Display Large display
Accuracy • Within 3.5% for values b/w 3.0 – 4.0mg/dL
• Within 5% for values b/w 0.0 – 3.0mg/dL
Power Supply 220V – 50Hz
Dimension 222mm x 180mm x 100mm
Printer 56mm Thermal graphic 384 dots/line


External Adapter (12V DC) 1 pc
Capillary Tube, Heparinized 1 Box (100 pcs)
Sealing Wax 1 pc
Capillary Holder 1 pcs
User’s Manual 1 pc
Fuses 2 pcs
Printer roll 2 pcs