D-Fuge HCT

Hematocrit Centrifuge

About D-Fuge HCT

Whether it be performance, durability or design, quality tends to be easily visible above the mass of sub-standard devices. In a bid lower costs and increase margins, most manufacturers settle for low-quality components and materials which causes a big-hassle for thee end user who ends up buying the device only to realize that it suffers from several issues. Most hematocrit centrifuge suffer from similar problems. They come with poor-quality motor which delivers lack-luster power resulting in unreliable performance. Moreover, these devices are not designed keeping in mind the user’s needs, as a result they are big in size which is not suitable for a laboratory with limited space.

Developed after extensive research and development into user requirements and feedback, Neuation’s D-Fuge HCT comes with top-of-the-line components for an unmatched user experience. Its class-leading compact design when combined with its brushless DC motor makes for a device which is impressively powerful compared to its footprint. Hence, more output with less space. This makes D-Fuge HCT the perfect device for a lab with limited space and resources.

Product Features

Brushless DC Motor For Quiet Performance And A
Maintenance-Free Long Time.

Microprocesssor Controlled
Efficient Performance Even
Under High Loads.

Last Run Memory Feature
For Added Conveniences.

Variable Speed Setting From
500-1200 RPM In Increments

Variable Timer Setting Allows
The User To Set The Time
Upto 12 Minutes.

Lid-lock Safety Feature
Opens The Lid Automatically
Once The Centrifuge.

Large LED Display For Easy Setting And Reading Of Multiple Parameters.

RPM & RCF Toggle Alternatively
On The Display During Operation
For Added Convenience.

Preset Feature Allows The User
To Set Favorite Mode Where Speed
And Time Can Be Changed
As Per Requirement.

HCT Rotor With Screw-On Lid For Better Contamination Protection. The Rotor Can Accommodate
Upto 24 Capillary Tubes
Upto 75MM Length.

Compact Design To Minimize
Its Footprint To Save
Valuable Space.

Safe Low Voltage Device.


Specifications D-Fuge HCT
Rotor Capacity 24 x 75 mm length capillary tubes
Max RPM / RCF 12000 PRM / 14119g
Motor Type Brushless DC
Display Digital Display
Speed Setting 500 – 12000 RPM in steps of 100RPM
Timer Setting Upto 12mins
Preset Feature User can set parameters beforehand to facilitiate use
Rotor Capacity HCT rotor with Screw on Lid (for better contamination protection)
Weight of Equipment 5 kg (without Rotor)
Dimension (LxWxH) 363 x 301 x 105 mm

Ordering Information

D-Fuge HCT
Product Name Cat # Details
Hematocrit Centrifuge HC01 – 1110 EU/US/UK/AU Hematocrit Centrifuge – Max RPM 12000
Part Name Cat # Details
Power Supply Adapter HC01 – HC A
Allen Key HC01 – C For rotor fitment
Acrylic lid for Rotor HC01 – MPC – HRL
Gasket for HCT rotor HC01 – MPC – HRG
Rotor Nut HC01 – RN
Reader Card HC01 – RC