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Active Scientific is the ideal one stop center for anything and everything related to medical devices and accessories.

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Ensuring all our products are the best of current innovations makes us Malaysia’s leading choice of medical device distributor.

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We offer fast, efficient, reliable and flexible after sales assistance to ensure our clients’ business continuity. NO DOWNTIME GUARANTEED!

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We are a team of industry experts who specializes in everything related to the medical industry.

  • Creating A Nation That Leads Modern Healthcare Is Our Motivation. By distributing the best medical devices available across the region,
  • Active Scientific is able to provide excellent quality products to the healthcare facilities and help our nation grow into becoming one of the best in healthcare across the globe.
  • With constant advancements in the healthcare systems, there is a huge need for the best innovations to provide better healthcare for everyone in our nation.

Value Is Our Priority

Active Scientific’s main objective is in providing the best possible value-added services for all our clients. Having a cost-effective pricing for our product range allows for more medical practitioners to have state of the art equipment’s to provide the best healthcare service possible for their patients.



Combating coronavirus overseas | VINNO once again empowers world with Chinese ultrasound

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As China is now drawing to an end, the pandemic around the world, however, is riding on roaring waves. Up to the present, the number of overseas cases confirmed has…

VINNO Compact Series is a Solution of Combating the Coronavirus

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Norma Receives Environmental Innovation Prize!

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We are proud to announce that Norma has received the Environmental Innovation Prize 2018 for its Icon hematology product family. The Environmental Innovation Prize and other six innovation awards including the Innovation Grand Prize are given…
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For these devices to be reliable, they need good after sales service. Active Scientific can offer that.

Dr RamzulPoliklinik Az-Zaara

The constant application updates and regular maintenance services given by Active Scientific makes me feel I have a brand new machine in my clinic all the time.

Dr NandagobalaKlinik i-Sihat

The superior quality of the image is really astounding! Most of our patients were really satisfied with the 4D and 5D scan.

Dr AfifPusat Rawatan Al-Farhain, Kok Lanas

They work wonders when it comes to their services. We are very satisfied with the training, technology knowledge, repairs as well as upgrades.

Dr RahimieKlinik Primer Cherang

Up to date my journey with Active Scientific has been a pleasant and memorable one.

Dr SivananthanPoliklinik Semabok

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