As China is now drawing to an end, the pandemic around the world, however, is riding on roaring waves. Up to the present, the number of overseas cases confirmed has exceeded 2.65 million. Facing the overseas anti-pandemic battlefield in urgent need of support, VINNO has never ceased to offer help. Previously, VINNO had supplied ultrasound equipment to 30+ countries and donated several batches of masks and other anti-pandemic supplies, and thus received sincere thanks from Italian, German and other European partners. Recently, VINNO has also won favorable reputation from the authority of Spain and Morocco while combating in the front line against the virus.

At present, the number of confirmed cases in Spain has exceeded 200,000, spreading in various areas. Catalonia is particularly prominent, for its daily number of new cases confirmed has surged for several times. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Health in Catalonia, the peak of infections will appear between April 24 and 28.

It is better to plan ahead and dig the well before getting thirsty. Faced with this situation, VINNO decided to deploy a batch of high-end portable color ultrasound equipment in the densely-populated Lleida, to provide services for 6 local primary health centers.

VINNO portable ultrasound equipment serving for the anti-pandemic war
VINNO portable ultrasound equipment serving for the anti-pandemic war

Heeding the important support from VINNO ultrasound equipment in the local anti-pandemic war, the Primary Health Care Branch of Lleida expressed its gratitude to VINNO Spain. El Segre, one of the major newspapers in Lleida, covered the donation with emphasis.

Now the doctor teams of the six health centers in Lleida can use VINNO ultrasound equipment to perform efficient clinical ultrasonic examinations on patients’ lungs, with improved quality and effectiveness of care for patients infected with the novel coronavirus. The medical staff marveled at the excellent effectiveness of VINNO ultrasound devices, and spoke highly of VINNO Spain’s chivalrous deed.

El Segre report

Compared with other big countries, Morocco, with a population of more than 36 million, could only redouble its efforts to prevent and control the pandemic in the present predicament. Last week, Moroccan State Television reported on the local shortage of medical devices during the pandemic, and praised VINNO’s Moroccan partners for playing a prominent role in medical devices support during the pandemic.

With 24-hour support from VINNO, according to the report, its Moroccan partners engaged the whole staff with the anti-pandemic work, providing 24/7 deployment and maintenance of ultrasound equipment for the local health authorities and other medical institutions. Thanks to the stable and reliable quality of VINNO’s ultrasound equipment, it was seldom to call forth extra effort due to failures, hence greatly reduced maintenance costs and wide recognition among users.

Moroccan State Television reports on VINNO

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Chinese forces have continued to play a role all over the world, and VINNO, in one after another operations, empowers the world with Chinese ultrasound in combating the coronavirus. Spain, Morocco, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Algeria, Peru … Every speedy shipment meant an additional force and wish from VINNO for the front line of the anti-pandemic war.

To Italy & To Spain
To Poland & To Netherlands
To Algeria & To Peru

In the face of this ongoing world-wide test, VINNO will adhere to the belief of “advancing despite difficulties and practicing with perseverance”, continue to exert efforts and shall not pull back unless the pandemic fades.

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