Urine Analysis

Laura Smart

Urine strip reader LAURA® Smart is an efficient and compact solution for routine chemical urinalysis. Be it a clinical laboratory or the ambulance of a GP, a diabetologist, a nephrologist or other specialist, the objective photometric evaluation and semi-automated technology provided by LAURA® Smart will ease the processing of samples and contribute to correct diagnosis of the patients.

Main Features


Two measuring modes:

  • Standard (60 samples/h)
  • Smart Timing® (240 samples/h)

Portable mode using batteries.

Easy operation via touchscreen.

To cover the full range of routine chemical urinalysis, LAURA® Smart is compatible with different types of urine test strips. The strip type being used is automatically identified by the reader, no manual setting is needed.

Smart sample identification:

  • Sequential: a sequence number is automatically
    assigned to each sample.
  • Sample ID: Unique ID number can be entered for each sample either manually or by means of external keyboard or barcode reader.

Smart Timing® is a special working mode of LAURA® Smart that provides an elevated throughput of 240 samples per hour. While in Standard mode 1 strip incubation is counted at a time, in Smart Timing® mode 4 incubation periods are counted in parallel enabling a four times higher throughput.
The process is aided by a smart timer function of the software and a strip scheduler tray where always 4 strips can be kept prepared according to the sequence of the timers. Every 15 seconds, one of the 4 timers changes color and gives a beep signal to indicate that a new strip should be placed for measurement.