The skyla VB1 Veterinary Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a compact system designed to perform blood biochemistry tests – fast, reliable and with high accuracy. Applying only a few blood can suffice to perform up to 15 tests on the veterinary patient sample.
It’s easy-to-use and simple operation requires no specialized training and enables you to obtain results in about 15 minutes with the precision and accuracy equivalent to those of a clinical laboratory analyzer.

Main Features

Simple 3-step Procedures

The device provides fully automatic procedures to test samples with only three steps :

  • Step1. Inject 200 μl blood sample
  • Step2. Press “START” and then insert reagent disc
  • Step3. Read the results

Fully Automated Operations

  • Step1. Barcode Reading
  • Step2. Centrifuge and Dilute
  • Step3. Panel / Cartridge Internal Quality Control
  • Step4. Reaction and Multiple Detections
  • Step5. Analysis
  • Step6. Display and Print Results

Multi-functional integration

The device combines biochemistry, electrolyte and electrolyte test functions, which helps users save time, space and money.

Whole blood sample can be measured without pre-treatment.

The device is designed in portable and space saving ways with only 5.5kg.