VINNO Ultrasound


Ultra-light, Ultra-thin, Ultra-precise

VINNO 6 delivers precise imaging with innovative RF platform in a compact design. The ultra-compact system can be carried around with ease or with a mobile cart which is equipped with multi-probe connection. A wide range of advanced connectivity options, such as PACS, modality worklist (MWL), DICOM, WiFi, Bluetooth, VCloud help you streamline your workflow.

Main Features


VINNO 6 is a versatile system for patient bedside, ICU room, community centre offering quick and enhanced mobility.​


MSK Application

Intuitive touch panel operation and built-in user manual for reference.


Before and after exam comparison with Easy Compare Function.

2-3 Mhz frequency enables you see from superficial to deep tissue.

Needle enhancement makes the needle tip more visible.


Anesthesia Application

The superior image quality, simplified workflow and lightweight of VINNO 6 provides diagnostic confidence for emergency medicine, anaesthesia, pain management, critical care and musculoskeletal examinations. A full suite of transducers with wide bandwidth can cover various applications with different requirements​.

Versatile Transducers

Wide range of Cardio-vascular applications for increased diagnostic confidence.
a. Excellent 2D image and Doppler performance
b. Stress Echo
c. Strain imaging
d. Tissue Doppler imaging
e. Pulse Wave Velocity