VINNO Ultrasound


VINNO 5 allows you ready to go whenever you need, with its superlight weight (3.5KG),extremely simplified workflow,delivering various clinical solution.

Main Features


 Super-sensitive Touchscreen Allows Smooth Operation Even With Gloves On.

Magic Finger Navigation.

Quick Preset

User-defined protocols

Significantly enhances the visualization of the needle, while minimizing disruption to the surrounding tissue.


In complex emergency environment, VINNO5 performs with its fast boot-up time, extreme portability, built-in battery and WiFI or Bluetooth communication as an ideal partner for you.

With rich cardiac function analysis software such as MAM, Auto EF, VINNO5 can support diagnosis at the bedside for critically ill patients in fast pace

VINNO5 supports a variety of linear probes with wide frequency bandwidth which deliver superior image quality from superficial to deep tissue. With needle enhancement, which makes VINNO5 an ideal system for never block and pain management.

Up to 16Mhz high-frequency linear transducer, highly sensitive power Doppler and biopsy guidance feature ensure you the accuracy of the interventional operation in sports medicine, orthopaedics and rheumatology.

Excellent in OB/GYN Application

A highly sensitive touchscreen and simple 4D interface deliver a smoother workflow and easy your daily practice.

A full range of OB/GYN functions including MCut, Freeview, HQ,Auto OB Measurement,3D Auto Follicle for complete analysis.

Innovative Design