VINNO Ultrasound


With advanced features and ergonomic design, VINNO G60 supports your daily imaging with more comfortable and professional experience.


Main Features

Detail Information

  • CBI ( Contrast Bubble Imaging)
  • Easy compare for case tracking
  • Needle enhancement
  • 3D/4D technology
  • Auto NT
  • CW
  • TVM/TD
  • Color M mode
  • MAM
  • Professional cardiac calculation package
  • Xcen high frequency technology adds more than 30% of wideband than normal probe to improve resolution for better diagnosis in tiny nidus.

Real time automatically optimize gain and TGC to continuously provide a high quality image.

Switch fast to system functions with tab­let-like touch interface. Fewer steps and less reach to complete an exam make you more comfortable and high productivity.

  • Through Bluetooth, users can transfer images to their mobile devices.
  •  Through email, users can transfer images to their mobile devices.