VINNO Ultrasound


VINNO E35 is an affordable luxury ultrasound system for general purposes with delicate design. Its versatility meets the demands of any clinical setting.

Main Features

Superb Imaging

Due to VINNO’s innovative RF platform, the system can acquire 40 times more raw signals for back-end processing which presents better resolution and powerful post processing capabilities.

• VFusion is a spatial compounding image technology from VINNO which helps to improve the image information, enhance contrast resolution and reduce noise.
• VSpeckle is an intelligent algorithm which can remove noise, enhance edges and contrast of the image after regional analysis of the image.

Agile Workflow

Smart touch panel operation and self-defined exam protocols make your daily work highly efficient.

• User-defined presets.
• User-defined measurement items.
• Fast review by sliding on touch screen.
• Built-in report template.


Expanded application tools

Provide comparison with previous exam to make confident diagnoses

HQ Light rendering generates realistic images of the fetal structure for increased diagnostic confidence.

With just one click, the volume of all follicles in scanning plane will be recognized and calculated automatically.