Urine Analysis


LAURA®  is an effective solution for objective standard and high-grade measurement of urine samples. The reader is a semi-quantitative semi-automat, which contains advantages as the  easy control using a touch screen, the high speed and capacity of work for the routine operation in laboratories of the clinical chemistry.

Main Features


Two measuring modes:

  • Standard (60 samples/h)
  • Smart Timing® (400 samples/h)

Automatic incubation measurement and evaluation reduces manual labour requirements while also reducing human error.

Easy operation via touchscreen.

LAURA® automatically check itself after each switch-on. The calibration of  LAURA® is checking by the control mode from SW menu. The special control strips are using for the checkings of the calibration and the right function of the optical parts.

The LAURA®  has a standard interface (RS 232) for  a connection to the Laboratory Information System (LIS). The interface is suitable for connection with a PC also. The LAURA® has the standard connecion (PS/2) for connection with an external keyboard or a bar code reader.

Smart Timing® is a special working mode of LAURA® that provides an elevated throughput of 400 samples per hour. While in Standard mode 1 strip incubation is counted at a time, in Smart Timing® mode 4 incubation periods are counted in parallel enabling a four times higher throughput.
The process is aided by a smart timer function of the software and a strip scheduler tray where always 4 strips can be kept prepared according to the sequence of the timers. Every 15 seconds, one of the 4 timers changes color and gives a beep signal to indicate that a new strip should be placed for measurement.