GynPad® is the World’s 1st, Patented, Pad Type, Self-Sampling HPV (human papillomavirus) DNA test kit. It is a non-invasive method for HPV DNA testing which provides a trauma-free and infection-free experience to patients while ensuring ease of use and comfort at all times.

Main Features


Typical sampling process requires patients to visit clinics for sampling and is also invasive – requiring vaginal examination conducted by trained clinicians for pap smear sample preparation.

With GynPad®, patients will be able to experience a non-invasive, easy and safe self-collection method by using a familiar panty-liner type collection kit.


Due to its non-invasive nature, patients will always be able to enjoy a painless experience and be freed from secondary infection by using GynPad®. Say goodbye to painful and uncomfortable testing!


Patients can confidently use this self-sampling kit at the convenience of their own home in six simple steps. All they need, is to wear the pad like a regular panty liner for 8-10 active hours. After that, remove the filter from the pad and insert it into the tube provided. Tightly seal the tube and label it with the sticker provided. Send the tube back to your doctor in the box provided and wait for results.