VINNO Ultrasound


The new next generation VINNO G86 high end color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system uses Vinno’s innovative and advanced core technologies, and provides customers with much more precise imaging and highly efficient control procedures.


Main Features

Sophisticated Imaging Technology

The VINNO G86 represents the pinnacle of Vinno’s technology by virtue of its sophisticated and breakthrough “femtometer” platform and high precision, high speed imaging technology.


 Comprehensive upgraded ultrasound diagnostic techniques including two-dimensional, M-type, color Doppler, high pulse repetition frequency Doppler, and continuous wave Doppler along with energy display and volume rendering performance.



Wide Suite of 3D/4D tools

HQ rendering generates realistic images of the fetal structure for increased diagnostic confidence.


Give early detail access for difficult mother.


Cutting edge 3D/4D imaging technology that provides even more clinical solutions


Oviduct 4D CBI technology combines CBI technology together with 4D which is very useful in reproductive medicine.

CBI is a cutting-edge imaging technology which can be used with contrast agents to do the organ edge delineation, blood perfusion evaluation and lesion characterization.


VCloud Remote Cloud Diagnostic System

VCloud Remote Cloud Diagnostic System is the Vinno Remote Teaching Platform: a teaching platform built into the machine, and unified process scanning that is appropriate for establishing standards and developing further education. 

The Real-time Online Instruction and Consultation Platform for Experts: ultrasound experts can conduct targeted ultrasound scans, diagnosis, and live instruction on the Vinno machine. Other doctors can remotely view the entire broadcast, and interact vocally or with text through the mobile phone app.