VINNO ultra sound


E10 utilizes innovative VINNO RF platform in its slim and compact design body.
With outstanding signal processing technology, Vinno delivers clear image quality in its slim body making it ideal for usability in small spaces.

Main Features

Core technology

Transplants VINNO core technology RF platform into a slim and compact design concept E10 transplants VINNO core technology RF platform into a slim and compact design concept. Due to outstanding signal process technology, it delivers clear image quality. Slim body, light weight and small footprint make it ideal for small space and more mobility.

Powerful Function

Vinno E10 offers you a lot of convenience and fast operation together with measurement tools which make your work to be more efficient and comfortable. VINNO focuses on your requirements and will always seek to bring you more useful solutions.
• Triplex
• Auto Optimization
• Easy Compare
• Full Screen
• Pview
• Needle Enhancement
• Smart 3D/4D Function
• Auto Measurement (Auto IMT/Auto NT/Auto PW/CW trace)


Compact Design and Connection

Slim and Compact Design
• 19-inch professional LED monitor gives you a clearer view.
• 10-inch smart touch panel enables the convenient operation.
• Pinless and flat probe connection makes it easier to connect.
• 1TB HDD for high volume data storage.
• B/W video printer slot.

  •  Highly efficient connectivity via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Email and FLYINSONO.