VINNO Ultrasound


Main Features

Outstanding Imaging Performance

In nonlinear imaging, Pulse inversion Harmonic imaging provides improved image quality and enhanced diagnostic capabilities by reducing potential interference from fundamental signals.

VFusion helps to improve the image information through transmitting signal from different angles which enhance contrast resolution and reduce the noises.


Vspeckle can automatically enhance contrast and reduces, speckle, haze and other artifacts based on different application requirement.


Efficient Workflow

Simple user interface with touch panel operation allows efficient workflow on a daily basis.



• Bluetooth
• Wi-Fi
• Email
• DICOM 3.0

Versatile application tools

Automatically measures lntima-Media Thickness in region of interest and provide the measurement results in an easy, fast and accurate approach.


With just one click, the system will detect the ovaries in the image and calculate the key measurement items of the ovaries automatically.


PView allows extended view of the anatomical structures.

VINNO Xl offers high quality 3D/4D images with MCut function whereby different view of fetal structures from different slices can enhance your diagnostic confidence.


Practitioners can learn basic scanning knowledge, standard planes and anatomical information through VINNO’s Tutorial.


Exquisite design

• 15-inch high resolution LED display and 180-degrees rotational arm ensures clear visibility.
• 8-inch touch panel prevents repetitive button operations.

• Compact transducer connector for easy access.


High quality components supplied from famous company namely Texas Instrument, Altera.