High-End 18-Channel ECG Machine

iMAC 1800

As the world’s first 18-channel resting ECG machine, the iMAC1800 greatly
increases the detection rate of right ventricular and posterior wall
myocardial infarction. Effectively solve clinical problems that

Main Features


  • 32000 Hz Sampling Rate and 24 Sampling Data for each channel.
  • Digital Sampling Rate: 32000Hz
  • A/D Conversion: 24 bits.
  • 1s baseline stability.
  • Frequency Response : 0.01-350 Hz
  • Support double-pole pacemaker detection.
  • Support thermal folded paper.
  • Original iFilter adaptive filtering technology has greatly improved the ECG signal quality Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm.
  • ST segment elevation myocardial infarction diagnosis ability is in the industry leading position Support advanced analysis function like VCG, Time VCG, VLP etc.

Record Weak Signal Accurately

AHA and CSE Database Certified

Innovative Ergonomic Design

  • 15-inch high resolution LED screen.
  • Standard fundamental grid design.
  • Intuitive and convenient workflow design.
  • Standard alphanumeric keyboard.
  • Trackball.
  • F1~F7 shortcut buttons.
  • Three-pronged ECG Leads, Effectively reduce winding.
  • Support connecting with HIS, EMR, PACS and other hospital information system without PC work station.