Paediatric Specialized ECG Machine

iMAC 1500

Main Features

Advance performance

  • Paediatric QRS voltage is higher than adults, thus general ECG frequency response is not enough.
  • The doctors often used V3 instead of V4R, hard to acquire complete data of right ventricular ECG.
  • Doctor has difficulty in getting ECG for crying kids.
  • General ECG machine has little paediatric ECG clinical data that can diagnose accurately.
  • iMAC1500 can be integrated in a hospital information system and the ECG reports can be transmitted conveniently and quickly.

Breakthrough to iMAC1500

  • The minimum bandwidth should be 250Hz to record paediatric ECGs which is pubilished by AHA (Circulation.2001;104:3087-3090).
  • The iMAC1500 frequency response range is 0.01Hz-350Hz that can display paediatric ECG wave accurately.
  • iMAC 1500 offers 15-lead interpretation to enable a more complete data of children’s right ventricular.
  • iMAC 1500 combines the particular ECG algorithm that mainly applies for crying children and it effectively reduce the interference of the emotional environment and guarantees accurate recording data.
  • Levocardia ECG Mode & Dextrocardia ECG Mode could be switched automatically and doctors have no need to use chest electrodes twice. iMAC 1500 greatly simplifies clinical operations.
  • iMAC 1500 paediatric ECG cables are designed with the thinner and high quality imported TPU material, especially the electrodes which are decorated with children’s simplicity.

User Friendly Design

Innovative thermal printer can trace each segment wave clear in any application scenarios.

Networking Connection

Support data transmission to PC via LAN port, USB port, SD card and WIFI. ECG data can be saved as HL7, XML, PDF, PNG, DICOM or ZQECG format. Support connecting with HIS, EMR, PACS and other hospital ECG management system.

  • Support different ECG management system.
  • ECG Network system.
  • Support abundant peripherals.
  • Zoncare cloud system.
  • ECG diagnostic centre.